2020 Facebook Update

New Facebook Update 2020 dubbed “The New Facebook”

Have you noticed that Facebook is looking different these days? Following announcements in late 2019, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have slowly and painstakingly rolled out FB5 (Facebook 2020) for mobile and desktop— all in the name of creating a better, faster user experience.

The updates have culminated in what’s being called “the new Facebook.” Designed to bring the mobile and desktop apps closer together in terms of style, the update was partially created to make it easier to switch between PC and smartphone/tablet with a similar layout and design scheme on both. New FB 2020 Page Look

As usual, the change has sparked plenty of outcry among Facebookers who really just want things left the way they were. Minus overly large fonts and graphics (this unfortunately includes ads) the new Facebook does seem to have its merits.

Among the changes seen are a new focus on Groups and Events, increased privacy, an uncluttered layout and moving frequently used tabs to key spaces on the top toolbar—all changes which make Facebook much more user-friendly.

Customizable Call to Action Button

All pages now have a customizable call to action button. To customize it, you just need to hover over the blue CTA button and click “Edit Button” to change the text and add a website or app URL. There are also options like “send email”, “learn more”, “contact us” and more. There are also many others specific to an e-commerce store or an app.

More Posting Options

Users are now given more options to post. Right under the cover photo, you can choose to create a new post using live video, a photo or video, text, or a feeling/emoticon to update your status using the Create button. There’s also an option to create a video chat room and invite your favourite friends, all of whom are carefully organized under your status bar based on who you chat to most.

Updated Layout

With more white space, larger fonts and an uncluttered layout, it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

The profile and cover photo formatting has also changed. The cover photo format has been adjusted from 851 px by 315 px to 820 px by 360 px. You can also set your cover photo as a video or as a slideshow. Take a few minutes to ensure that your photos are formatted properly and appearing as you’d like and use a photo resizing tool like https://resizeimage.net/

The new Facebook is designed to feel sleek, in contrast to the old version which was starting to feel cluttered and disorganized as more features were added.

Another great update which has snuck in over time is the ability to easily see what your profile looks like to the general Facebook public. Just click the eye icon in the top toolbar under your cover photo and select “view as”. You can also quickly search for specific terms or posts/media that FB New Update - view as feature you’ve posted in the past, which is perfect for those times when you’re looking for a specific photo or video among your years’ worth of albums and posts.

Groups and Events Tabs Given Priority

Research found that Facebook users most often gravitate towards Groups, Games and Video so the interface update focused heavily on these areas. They’ve been moved front and center from the left toolbar to the top toolbar, along with Marketplace, Pages and Home. Clicking on Groups now brings you to your own personalized feed packed with updates from your groups. You’re also provided with suggestions for other groups based on ones you’re already a member of. Clicking on Watch brings up an entire newsfeed of videos FB has selected for you.

It’s easier than ever to find Events as well. Upcoming classes, concerts, adventures and anything else coming up next is displayed within the Events tab. These are all curated with your current groups, likes, and interests to make it easy to weed out anything that’s not of interest.

You can browse events that are happening today, tomorrow, this week, this weekend and next week, select Interested to save the event to your calendar or click the arrow to share the event as a personal post,  send in messenger, or share to a page. One caveat—clicking “Interested” on an event notifies others that you’re going and prompts them to join the event as well. Sharing the event to your page to notify your buddies about it and gauge interest is a much less confusing way to spread the word.

Increased Privacy

Importantly, the new update was also meant to build a privacy-focused platform to help repair Facebook’s poor security reputation. In a keynote speech featuring founder Mark Zuckerberg, the Social Media guru emphasized the importance of privacy, saying, “we’re taking a more proactive role in making sure that all of our partners and developers use this service for good.” The new Facebook has been created around these six principles of privacy for all Facebook users:

  1.     Private interactions
  2.     Encryption
  3.     Reduced Permanence
  4.     Safety
  5.     Interoperability
  6.     Secure data storage

A One Size Fits All Messenger

Part of the promise for much-improved privacy are the updates to the Messenger app. It will now be encrypted end to end by default, be much faster and will use less storage. Users will also be able to watch videos together, share memories, and have their closest contacts all organized within the app for easy connection—whether that’s by phone call or instant message. Most notably, Messenger will be compatible with users on Instagram and WhatsApp for seamless communication across multiple platforms.


Changes across the board. Whether you love or hate the updates, the new Facebook is here to stay and will become permanent starting this month (Sept 2020).


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Jon Valade