A Special Digital Marketing Offer for our Clients and Friends

IdeaZone is currently running a special Digital Marketing offer for our clients and friends. Included in this offer is a complete digital marketing solution for only $2,500.00. (or $850.00/month for three months)

Here is what is included in our Business Optimizer Package:

  1. Site Crawl
    Is your site showing up in search results? We will examine your site using specialized SEO tools and then spend two hours fixing problems we find.
  2. Google My Business Optimization
    Is your site visible on Google Maps? This tune-up of your Google My Business (GMB) page will ensure that your site shows up in Google Maps search results.
  3. Review Solicitation Email Template
    Are reviews of your business working to your advantage? Potential customers are drawn to the reviews that appear on your GMB page. We’ll create an email template that you can use to ask clients to review your business. This template provides one-click options for leaving reviews on Google, Facebook, BBB, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc.
  4. Citation Campaign 
    Citations boost your GMB page ranking. They are listings for your business in relevant local directories. We’ll update any old citations for your business and then build 25 new ones.
  5. Adwords Campaign
    Google Adwords is the quickest way to show your marketing campaigns to the most relevant customers. We’ll set up an Adwords campaign targeting your main keywords. This campaign will run for three months and will require an ad budget of $300/month.
  6. Landing Page Development 
    Is your site ready for an Adwords campaign? You will get the best results if you send traffic to purpose-built landing pages instead of to your home page. The landing pages will be consistent with your campaign, and will include tailored Calls to Action. In addition to converting more visitors into customers, this strategy actually lowers the per-visitor cost of your campaign. Once the Adwords campaign is over, you can continue to use that landing page to convert your visitors.
  7. On-Page Search Engine Optimization
    On-page SEO is the backbone of rankings. Before you do anything SEO-wise, you need to get your on-page stuff right first. We’ll look at your five most popular pages and optimize the text, media, titles, headlines and descriptions. These changes alone are often enough to boost a page quite a few spots higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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Jon Valade