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2020 Facebook Update

New Facebook Update 2020 dubbed “The New Facebook” Have you noticed that Facebook is looking different these days? Following announcements in late 2019, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have slowly and painstakingly rolled out FB5 (Facebook 2020) for mobile and desktop— all in the name of creating a better, faster user experience. The updates have […]

Google Loves Internal Linking

Follow These Rules to Get the Most SEO Benefit from Internal Links Internal linking is the SEO practice of linking from one page on a domain to another page on that same domain. Internal links add connections between the content and various pages on your website. Creating these hyperlinks builds up organic search rankings and […]

Online Review Management

The Importance of a Good Review Solicitation & Management Strategy What are Online Reviews? Online reviews are essentially the updated version of word of mouth marketing. Online reviews are star ratings and/or written notes that give potential clients a first-hand look at feedback from customers who sought out the same service or product. 97% of […]

COVID-19 Back to Business Checklist

Create a 6 Month Mini Business Plan – who knows how long we’ll be dealing with covid and it’s effects so be proactive and create a 6 month plan, laying out things like cash reserves, projected income and expenses, strategies to undertake, staff to hire back and what that looks like, safety measures etc. Figure […]

Covid-19 Advice for Business Owners

Marketing Your Business Through the Effects of Coronavirus These are some crazy times we’re going through right now. “Unprecedented” is what we’re hearing in the news. In these unprecedented times, everyone should be thinking about their fellow countrymen as much as they are thinking about their own health, safety and livelihood. Business owners, hear this: […]

Do I Really Need to Upgrade my Website from HTTP to HTTPS?

The short answer is a resounding YES! HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and its purpose is to secure communication on the internet. By securing communication, we’re referring to protecting the privacy and integrity of data that is exchanged while users are visiting a website.  If the data is not secured, then hackers are […]

Writing High Quality SEO Optimized Content for the Web

The goal in writing high quality SEO optimized content for the web is to first satisfy your readers with valuable content and then make sure your content also satisfies the search engine bots. This means that the content must flow and progress naturally down the page while including strategically placed keywords and keyword synonyms. In […]