Does it make sense to suspend your online marketing during the COVID-19 crisis?

We have had several of our clients, especially those in tourism and hospitality, reach out to us wondering if they should continue with their digital marketing programs. In a time of social distancing and possible quarantines, does it make sense for businesses to suspend their digital marketing activities until this covid-19 pandemic passes?

It’s obviously difficult for me not to sound like I’m serving my own interests here, but the short answer is “no”. No it doesn’t make sense to put the brakes on your marketing.  But we should refine your strategy and focus more of your efforts on organic and paid social media as well as email marketing.

People will be on social media more during this pandemic than ever before. Every business has an opportunity to provide value and reassurance to a population in isolation. Now is the time to dig deep and review your value propositions and reach out and engage with the public.  It is not the time for you to stop creating awareness for your brand.

We need to keep in mind that this is a temporary situation, and, at some point in the near future, business will resume and move forward. We need to make sure that your company is top of mind when that happens. It has taken time, effort and money to get your marketing to the level it is now. Pausing your marketing efforts will mean that when you do want to resume normal business activities, you’ll be starting at a disadvantage.

Winning online is always about doing more than your competitors are doing. Provide awesome value and engage with your target market through email, social media and advertising to ensure that you’re busier than ever when things resume to some sense of normalcy.

Reach out to us so that we can work together and plan what that might look like.

The entire team at IdeaZone is here. We are working and we’ve got your back.


Jon Valade

Jon Valade