So I thought it might be time to test out the Facebook ads. IdeaZone has been staying consistent at 360 Facebook likes for almost a year. Granted there have been a number of interesting discussions but I really did not think that we were growing on this particular network.  Anyone who has a Facebook business page has seen the ‘Build Audience’ link at the top of the page and the ‘Promote’ link at the bottom of every post.  I thought it might be time to invest a small bit of money to test this.

Here are the results after two weeks.
The IdeaZone Facebook page went from 360 to 521 likes and continues to grow by about 5 likes per day.
We also went from an average of 160 people reached per week to 15,412. This is significant now matter what type of media you are using to connect with potential buyers.

Here is what I did.
I started by creating a Facebook ad designed to get more ‘Likes’. The link to start this process is always in the sidebar on the right of your Business Page.  I specified a budget of $5.00 per day to a total of $20.00. For a low cost test, this was worth the budget.
While that ad was running, I selected a handful of messages to promote to my friends and friends of friends. The cost of this was $6.00 per message for  5 messages. The total cost was $30.00.
So the results I got came at a cost of $50.00 over the course of two weeks. Although this is more then I intended to pay, the reach I got is a much better value than any other available media.