Victoria Business Directories – A Guide For Local Businesses

Get Citations on Prominent, Local Business Directories in Victoria, BC

When is comes to local SEO it is very important to have many citations of your business information across the web. It is also important that the information across each of these platforms is consistent. Citations are simply mentions of your company’s business information online. Specifically your company’s NAP information:



Phone Number

The importance of making sure this information is consistent across all platforms cannot be stressed enough! Think about all the details here because the little details matter. Here are some examples of the minor differences that can occur with a company’s NAP online:

ideazone google my business page

  • Road vs Rd
  • Suite vs Ste
  • 100-1250 Street vs #100 1250 Street vs 1250 Street, #100
  • (250) 555-5555 vs 250-555-5555

All of these subtle differences matter when it comes to citations.  Only when the citations are the same and exactly match the address on your company’s website will they contribute to increased website and Google My Business page rankings.

Many times these sites will create listings for you. Google did it by the millions way back in 2014 when they first created what is now known as Google My Business.  But since it’s scraped from other sources on the web, the information can be incorrect, or incomplete. You should start by establishing your business information on some sort of standards document. This should include:

  • How company name is written
  • Address
  • Website Address – http vs https vs www vs non-www etc
  • Local phone number, and toll free number when necessary (don’t use a toll-free number as your primary number on your GMB page – add it as a secondary number after your local number)
  • Short form business description (200 characters)
  • Long business description (200 – 500 words)

You should then Google your business name, go through the first 5-10 pages, and correct and complete all of the listings you find.

Deciding when to pay for directory listings – often these sites will have free and paid options. The paid options could give you a higher placement, guarantee page views, etc. Other times they will ask you to pay more of a membership fee, and there will be other benefits. Assess these carefully, thinking of your target audience and the potential reach. Often it is not necessary to opt for the paid option, as long as you can get the citation and website link with the free option.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to be linking back to a bunch of business directory sites just to get links from them (many ask for a reciprocal link).

Important Listings for Businesses in Victoria BC

Think Local Victoria
Paid – $250 per year (membership)

Shop in Victoria
Free/ Paid

Victoria Chamber

Yellow Pages
Free/ Paid

Shop Victoria

Free/ Paid

Google Places (Google My Business)


Paid – Membership


A Canadian company by the name of Whitespark makes their living in the citations / business directories realm and has compiled a great list of the top 35 Canadian local citations sites to get listed on.

Canadas Top 35 Local Business Listing Directories Citations

If you’re looking to get your business found online, getting listed in as many top business directories across the web is a good start…but it might not be enough to get your site to the top of the search engines for your target keywords.  If you need help increasing your rankings online, contact IdeaZone today.

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